Animation Demo Reel -

Shot list:
"Statue Lighting Sequence" - Camera - God of War: Ascension
"Cyclops Introduction" - Creature, Cameras - God of War: Ascension Press Announcement
"Chimera" - Creature Attacks, Evades, Hit Reactions, Synchronized Kratos Reactions - GoW:A, GoW3
"Goat Captain" - Creature Navigation, Kill Sequence, Taunts
"Cerberus" - 2 Stage Kill Sequence, Kratos, Cerberus - GoW:A, GoW3
"Orkos Death Cinematic" - Cameras, Kratos, Orkos - GoW:A
"Crazy Prisoner Cinematic" - Cameras, Kratos, Crazy Guy - GoW:A
"Orkos Death Cinematic, Kratos Realizes the Truth" - Cameras, Kratos, Props
"Kratos and the Spartan King Cinematic" - Cameras, Kratos, Spartan King, Fury, Spartan Guards, Kratos Wife - GoW:A
"Lava Titan Death" - Lava Titan - GoW3
"Civillian Death" - Kratos, Civillian - GoW3

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