Speaker: Dr. Charles Clancy

The field of information security seeks to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. To achieve information security, we typically focus on securing the computer systems and networks that process, store, and transport that data. Researchers and security professionals seek to ensure those systems are free from vulnerabilities and configured according to a well-defined, comprehensive security policy, and they can then make claims about the security of the information contained by those systems.

However the past five years has seen a major shift in information technology. Companies no longer own the servers, networks, and desktop computers that are used to process, store, and transmit their data. Server infrastructure is outsourced to the cloud. The "bring your own device" movement has employees using personal laptops and smartphones as the endpoints. The last-mile networks are now 4G cellular and WiFi hotspot links. Without control over any of the infrastructure, how can organizations develop and enforce policies that protect their sensitive information?

This talk will investigate trends across the space of cloud and mobile computing, and discuss how they necessitate a complete change in the fields of computer and network security. Protecting the information is no longer adequate and significant research is required to begin addressing how we can protect the data itself as it is processed, stored, and transported by untrusted infrastructure.

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