Ma Iti? (What is it with me?)

4 Channel video installation
by Ronni Shendar and Till Rohmann
(c) 2008
HD, 32 minutes , English

'Ma Iti?' is an audio-video installation that addresses questions of identity, home and the uncertainties that define some of the realities of life in Israel.

The work is comprised of interviews with 7 Jewish-Israeli artists who were invited to perform at the 2007 Worldtronics Festival in the HKW, Berlin and constructed by footage from their homes, neighborhoods and elements that encompass their lives.

From no angle is it possible to fully watch all 4 screens simultaneously, as life in Israel, Ma Iti? is restless. One can only capture fragments of situations and circumstances.

Adina Adler
Anna Haleta
David Ovadia
Undrey Schneider
Omer Schwarz
Yayehe Smon Mehari
Gal Tushia

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