On a Saturday afternoon, amid one of my daily YouTube perusals, an advert came up for a film competition for young filmmakers. The task: to make a music video to one of four songs. The challenge: The deadline was in 48 hours...
So with my chosen song 'Heave' by the Maccabees echoing in my head, I hit the streets of my hometown: the notoriously grey, dangerous and vandalised London Borough of Croydon. But it's also beautifully multicultural - I like to think of the' local demographic' as made up of every species of human, thrown together in true London style.
Prior to making this film, I religiously followed the unwritten Croydon Survival Guide, which is, in essence, don't talk to or even look at anyone you don't know if you wish to keep your vital organs free of knives. Yet, on that Saturday afternoon, I decided to go against my cowardly instincts and approach Croydoners in the park, on the streets, outside nightclubs, and ask them to look down the lens of my camera and talk. And when these people realised that I was making a film about our community and wanted them to be in it, the support I received was happily shocking.
And so begat the creation of this film. It got shortlisted to the penultimate stage of the competition, which involved getting as many of your friends to vote for you. Alas, this was as far as I got, probably due to my lowish number of Facebook friends.
Ne'ertheless, the project was so much fun, and the response incredibly refreshing.

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