Cheap Tickets is a bleak and intimate, observational short documentary which explores and gives an insight to the train ride from Thessaloniki to Athens every night. On this train laws are disregarded, people become social and communicate, all caught up amidst the major unstable financial crisis that the country has been experiencing. What do these people talk about in March 2012?

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Nominated for Best Documentary at the 35th Drama Short Film Festival In Greece

9/2012 35th Drama Short Film Festival Greek Premiere

10/2012 The Drama Film Festival goes to Athens

10/2012 Doclisboa 2012 Cinema of Urgency Portugal Premiere

12/2012 Ciclo de Cinema A DÍVIDA SEM CORTES

12/2012 "New and old social struggle: a dialogue between generations" Braga, Portugal

01/2013 "British Shorts" 6th Lichtspielklub Kurzfilmfestival in Berlin Gremany Premiere

04/2013 19th Bradford International Film Festival UK Premiere

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