A simple walkthorugh of the kinds of things you can do with Alfred Dev Doctor.

A really simple documentation helper for alfred.


Languages & Frameworks with autosuggest search

PHP - php {query}
JavaScript - js {query}
jQuery - jq {query}, jquery {query}
HTML - html {query}
CSS - css {query}
Python - py {query}, python {query}
node.js - node {query}
Ruby on Rails - rails {query}
Haskell - haskell {query}
Erlang - erlang {query}
C - c {query}

Languages & frameworks with keyword search:

Laravel - larval {query}
Bootstrap - bs {query}
Flask - flash {query}
.NET - .net {query}
Java - java {query}
Android - android {query}
iOS - ios {query}

Asset search

github repos - github {query}
icons - icon {query}

Music: A De Em Df Ma by Aemae (freemusicarchive.org/music/Aemae/i_1422/A_De_Em_Df_Ma)

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