JP Walker and Simon Chamberlain both agree that Finland is the best spot to go for handrails. Finland is known for being cold and dark, with tons of snow, unique architecture, and lots of new spots to discover. They have been going there for 10 years and have the scene dialled with the best place to stay, eat, rent cars, spots to shred and photographers and filmers to work with. Collaborating with Ilari Suhonen again for the first time since "This Video Sucks", they also hooked up with with Rico Wamos one half of a Finnish rap duo. Jokes were made about doing a rap video with Rico and Chebaleba. While JP was laid up in a hotel after a couple slams he put pen to paper and next thing you know JP was in the studio. Check out the latest video in the JIBBERISH VOLUME 2 series set to the remix of Pökötti one of Rico and Chebaleba's rhymes featuring JP’s humorous addition about filming in the streets of Helsinki while the crew is on their nightly grind in one of the world's northernmost countries. Chebaleb's full album titled Himaa Ennen Hesarii is available for download on iTunes here


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