Orkestriska's Box, Premiering November 16-18, 2012 at Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center in Burlington, Vermont

Directed by Trish Denton, Libretto by Trish Denton, Score by Randal Pierce, Animation by Gahlord Dewald, Lighting Design by Cavan Meese

Featuring Jane Beaumont-Snyder as Orkestriska, Laura Wolfsen, Pamela Formica, Ethan O'Hara, Amanda Franz, Ryan Gillard and Anthony Mareckas as the Ensemble

Jane Boxall on percussion and marimba, Randal Pierce on piano, Music Box by Porter Music Box Company

Orkestriska's Box is a 6-act dance-theater piece mixing contemporary and classical mediums. With a strong influence of expressionism the wordless piece depicts the psycho-spiritual awakening of a cloistered music box dancer. The audience experiences the world through her narrow perspective, witnessing a grotesque and distorted surreality of the world outside her box. The piece has a non-linear narrative that is meant to express the essence of the protagonists dilemma.

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