Produced by 42fps productions
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Conceptualised and Directed by : Adityaraj
Cinematography : Adityaraj and Bhavesh Parmar
Editor and Colourist : Adityaraj
Editing Supervisors : Bhavesh Parmar and Sukriti Datta

Gear Partner: Furtados Music (
Actors : Atul Mehta and Sukriti Datta (Interviewers)
and Minnie Mehta (The pretty dog)
Special Thanks : Mohan Kukreja and Shashank Mundle


Once upon a time there was this lonely guy
His ass was really big like a giant squishy toy
All his life tormented as his ass got in the way
Ladies snickering at his behind, he considered turning gay.

He tried, he tried so hard to fit in and
He cried, he cried through all those lonely nights
He sighed, he sighed at the weight of his behind
He fried, he fried those delicious pakodas.

Gajanand, Gajanand, Gajanand Dhige
Gajanand, Gajanand, Gajanand ahe dungan khajzwe

At a job interview he sat down in the chair
Ooops, damn shit he's got stuck in there
The peons, the watchman they tried to get him out
The fire brigade came in when he started to shout

They tried, they tried so hard to free him and
He cried, he cried and he wondered why
He fried, he fried, he fried those pakodas and
They sighed, they sighed of relief when he got free.

Gajanand, Gajanand, Gajanand Dhige
Gajanand, Gajanand, Gajanand Ahe dungan khazwe

Itchy Scratchy
Poor Gajanand got a wedgey

Jangle Wangle
Now his chaddi's in a tangle

While he stops and smells the air
Then he sits and starts to stare
It seems like troubles brewing
I don't know what he's doing.

He's got ants his pants
Making him dance
Tooty -fruity shake that booty
He does a little dance
He's got ants his pants

Then he spots her across the road
And he is alone no more.

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