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From Unpublished writing of The Akshaya Patra Vol. One Book One; entitled "Manasa Bhajare: Worship in the Mind" written by myself.

This is: On the Life of the ONE Called Hermes Mercury: Sia Sai Shiva is Part Two of a four Part Series called "What is Inappropriate - What and Who Am I?" on the subject of Hermes Mercury; the Dhwty Thoth-Tehuti or Sia Sai Shiva.... from the Akshaya Patra Volume One Book One called Manasa Bhajare: Worship in the Mind; On the subject of the Mysteries...

Discourse 4

What is Inappropriate? What and Who am I? Part 2

On the Life of the ONE Called Hermes Mercury

Mere reading and singing will not free you from the cycle of birth and death. God has to be planted firmly in the mind, the omnipresent God has to be enshrined in the heart; God has to flow with the blood in the veins. God has to be visualized through the inner eye.

And Also:

In the present, practice of devotion, worship and rituals, are for the sake of better comforts and more luxury for the individuals themselves. Devotion has degenerated into a business deal.

Often one prays, “Please give me this, I shall give YOU so much.”

If they feel one shrine promises more, the current shrine is given up. If even in the new shrine, one does not get quick returns, then they quickly look elsewhere to some ‘other’ God who gives more profit! Many people wander in this manner.

Some also think, “If I stand amongst many others, God will not notice me. I must stand in a unique position and shout to attract His attention!”

Do not behave foolishly! Hold fast to noble ideals. Do not try to bring down the Almighty to your limited vision. Rise up, strengthen your detachment and establish yourself in discrimination, then your goal is brought nearer.
– Sai Baba

We have lost consciousness of July, Julius, or Juliet the Sun, our sovereign Host and confidant. We have forgotten our Sia Sai Shiva the witness, guide and friend. We have forgotten our DUTY wandering in ignorance in the shadows of darkness; in a lost and hallowed world; pained with untruth; pained with conceit; pained with endless mindless philosophies and academics.

One should ask oneself who blindly seeks, “What light it is; truly, that ‘thru yonder window breaks’. Is such a mystery; to witness a Monotheistic Monarchy or Unitarian Hierarchy; but shadows cast on principles?

Oh Light, Oh Light, Oh Light; I am your witness thrice; Julie; Jovial and Jolly.

O’ Lord in Your Divinity; May you send your Love to ME, with Boundless Energy - SaiRam

“R” or “Ram” is the animating principle. It is the self-animating. It is that which attacks.

We say “BaRa” “BaRaM” insisting that it explodes from silence emanating from that which is encapsulated as ONE that Self-Forms; bursts from that self-enclosed or unified state.

“M” or “Mer” is the “mirror” reflection, the echo return in space of the spirit of the sun as the forces of space; a reflection of the Sun’s glory (Glow-Ray or Glow-Re).

It is what is encountered within the reflection, as emanation meets recall or recoil, as the ONE presence that occupies every place, insists on the resistance to movement or the thrill of motion.

The word “Mirror” echoes that return, as the “spirit on the waters”, (Nara-Narayana); as a word that reflects the ripple of the recurring echoes. It is the natural form of nature that is insistent upon the thrill; or superconscious resistance; called the hieroglyphic NETER; the divine thrill.

That thrill is consciousness or the spirit; like the thrill of energy that runs thru the “so called” body, even our physical body; which is nothing more than the “shell of emptiness” that occupies a place, or cyclical state; as an encasement of superconscious weirdness; called an “intelligent natural geometry”; that is of unbelievable complexity, and intelligence; or our illusion of incarnation in the physical body; which we pretend to identify with for a moment; like a bubble in a stream or droplets in the steam.

Our eyes become; from exceptional to deceptional. It is our bubble reflection into which the seeing is seen; the awareness is occupied by its attention and need to witness its reflection...

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