Emmy Nominated for Outstanding Main Title Design

While working at Digital Kitchen, I hoped to work on a show title project. They are rare gems in a sea of mostly commercial work. Luckily, my chance came.

Through executive producer Bryan Singer, the opening titles for a new show on FOX called House M.D. was brought to DK. I focused on fleshing out the design, and 2D/3D animation for the various anatomy shots. Not knowing when my previous collection of radiology x-rays from hospitals would come in handy, I was excited to put them to use on the project which you can see in the process stills and video.

The show has turned out to be quite a success and was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Design in 2005. A rare gem of a project indeed.

Be sure to also check out the redux version which was created for the 7th season of the show at Colin Day's vimeo page:


Creative Director: Matt Mulder
Designer, 3D/2D Animator: Jake Sargeant, Dan Brown
Editor: Dave Molloy
Production Company: Digital Kitchen

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