W tym samym miescie, pod tym samym niebem... / In the same city, under the same sky... (work in progress 2011/2013)

“In the same city, under the same sky…” It is a multi-part video project – first part was realized in Stockholm, the second in Białystok and more parts are planned in other countries. Stories of female immigrants from all parts of the world who ended up in Europe makes us realize that their and our realities become more and more separated without any chance for communication. It is a catalogue of fates and atrocities of war and subsequently also a record of a devious contemporary idea of race purity and segregation.

The project consists of 14 videos, where the stories of women, immigrants and refugees from Chechnya, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Turkey, Kurdistan, Ingushetia are retold by women from Bialystok and Stockholm. Th exhibition includes 7 videos created during the artist’s residency in Sweden. Another 7 videos and 7 stories about women from Chechnya and Ingushetia living in Bialystok were created during the educational workshops at the Arsenal Playground. The exhibition is a reflection upon the fates of people forced to leave their countries, it confronts us with the history of those who appeared in our city. (curator: Magdalena Godlewska)

Anna Konik speaks about the the first part of the “In the same city, under the same sky...” project which was realized in Stockholm - “my work deals with the problems of immigrants who live in the concrete suburbs of Stockholm – the rejected, unwanted women. (…) They all live in the suburbs, they feel they are among their kind and accepted there. The city doesn't understand them and as a result segregates them. The suburbs are not only their home but also a planned spatial isolation from the centre. The huge district, instead of providing a chance for adjustment, becomes a ghetto. In order to allow the immigrants to come into existence, seven Swedish women, in their homes, will tell the stories of immigrant women from the Stockholm ghetto, women whom they don't know. Those women, who have never experienced war, humiliation, social exclusion, will tell the stories of those who lived through it. The woman from the city centre, in her home, with her correct Swedish language will allow the “other” to come into existence. (2012)




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