TUTORIAL 4: Wireless Security
Dr. Jerry Park and Dr. Yaling Yang

As the wireless industry grows exponentially, it faces a growing need for security in terms of confidentiality, data integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation. Providing security in the wireless computing environment is much more challenging than in the wired computing environment due to a number reasons, including the vulnerability of the transmission medium itself and the limited processing power of most mobile computing devices. Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) provides a significant performance advantage over traditional cryptosystems, like RSA, and experts have advocated its use in wireless applications that require public key systems. In this tutorial, we will provide an overview of ECC and some of its applications.

Many applications in today’s wireless networks rely on location-based services. Ensuring the security and robustness of these location-based services turn out to be a fairly challenging issue. In this tutorial, we will review the current localization methods, threats to these mechanisms and countermeasures that can partially solve these problems.

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