shadow health is the first part of the 'ONLY NOTHING' project.
> concept: alter Ego
> Narcissism - egophilia = the simulated Ego
> VideoPerformance
the inconsistency of the individual to the alienation of the conventional system.
An hybrid work of soud-videoPerformance created by the performer and videoartist jaime Rguez & the music composer Leo Weinberger.

"Shadow health" / Lyrics by Leo Weinberger
But repeated movements stink. if i swallow another drop, I will drown. I am full of everything, spilling where I dwell. Nobody dressed me up, so I can disperse immediately. I will distribute myself among the mutilated and they will whittle flutes of my bones, to blow a shrill tune against all marches. I remind myself of always passing by and never taking anything with me. Temporarily unscathed.

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