The editorial of January 2001 from “Le Monde diplomatique” read: “The new century starts in Porto Alegre. All those, who in one way or the other, put into consideration or criticise the neoliberal globalization are going to meet, in this city in Southern Brazil, where the 1st World Social Forum will take place [...] it is about trying, in a positive and constructive spirit, to propose a different globalisation and to imply that a less inhuman and more compassionate world is possible.This meeting takes place at the same time that the World Economic Forum takes place in Davos (Switzerland), which has taken place, for several decades, to the new owners of the world”.

Seven years have passed between then and the celebration in Kenya. The protagonists and participants from then and now analyse the process and tell us how to achieve this other possible world. They remind to us that the social inequalities, human rights and the environment, among others, are the responsibility of all of us, and we, citizens of this planet, are the ones who finally have to take responsibility to change. A political and human documentary, full of reflections, struggles, proposals and dreams, some of them turned into reality.

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Title: The process of possible.
Genre: Social Documentary.
Length: 63 minutes.
Original language: spanish, catalan, english, portuguese and swahili.
Subtitles: spanish, catalan and english.
Format: Digital Betacam 4:3 (LetterBox)
Audio: Dolby Stereo

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