Managed to get some batteries in the backyard after I picked up the kids, before dinner :)

Frame: TBS Discovery
Flight Controller: OpenPilot CC3D Drotek Edtion
Motors: KopterWorx KW2 840KV/200W (equialent/better with AXI 2217)
ESC's: 30A Opto by DJI
Props: Graupner 10x5 E-Prop
Battery: Zippy Compact 4s 4000mah 25C
RC TX / RX: 2.4 GHz Jeti DC-16 / Duplex R10 w/ Volt Telemetry
Voltage Regulator: TBS Core

Cameras: TBS 69 / GoPro Hero3 @ 720/120
A/V TX: RangeVideo 1.28GHz 800mW TX w/ Low Pass Filter
A/V RX: 2x RangeVideo FPV Deluxe Receiver
Diversity Controller: RangeVideo Micro Diversity Controller
Antennas: 1.28 GHz 8dBi Patch, IBCrazy 1.3GHz BluBeam whip
Displays: FatShark Predator V2 Video Goggles and FPV Ground Station with 8" LCD Monitor

Location: Lund, Sweden
Weather: Sunny, -9°C; Wind 6m/s
Music: Canon Rock 2013 - Cole Rolland Ft. Eric Calderone [Guitar Remix]

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