Ian Lucero
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Roger Moore vimeo.com/480252, NYC Train Ride to Coney Island and Back vimeo.com/149692, Kamala in Venice, Italy 2005 vimeo.com/151408, Venice, Italy 2005 vimeo.com/136966, Camping Moka Pot vimeo.com/136428, Biddy Beat Part 1 vimeo.com/137635, Cuckoo Crow vimeo.com/136575, Cuckoo Crow "Transimission" ianlucero.com/work/live_event/dance/daecuckoocrow2006_dance_work.html, More Music at the Moore Documentary vimeo.com/218108, Dance This 2007: Documentary vimeo.com/405578, Dance This 2007: DVD Intro vimeo.com/405512, Dance This 2007: Hip Hop vimeo.com/414416, More Music at the Moore: Peter Johnson & Alan White ianlucero.com/work/live_event/music/mmatm_loopviolin_work.html, Breath Memory by Etsuko Ichikawa vimeo.com/149025, Dalas Verdugo's Guide to New York City vimeo.com/258313, Goat Birth vimeo.com/136204, Sam the Pig vimeo.com/174616, Today in Our Backyard Hummingbirds vimeo.com/165480, Roger Moore vimeo.com/480252

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