“Appearance”, “Academic background”, “Occupaation”, “Salary”. Will these words tell about one’s value?
is project began from critical mind about way of estimation to people. Having dwelled a society of capitalism, people was treated like a product by another people. One person can be valued by his ancestry, school, job or salary.

We concentrated on this critical problem and thought a media for satire to these issues.
Receipt normally contains a price of something and conspicuous, So We appraised the value with people.
We think people’s value that is to be classified into many items and put these items into receipts.

Firstly, we collected people’s questionnaire with google drive (bit.ly/13nwqJl) and made receipts of the first version. With questionnaires, we made a research book which was contained people’s receipts and you can watch on the web (bit.ly/ZLGkPG and bit.ly/Yxth4X)

Also, you can see the first version movie here : vimeo.com/63171451

This project was made by Kim Tae-Wook, Kim Hye-Bin.
2012 Graduation Exhibition, Industrial Design, Konkuk Univ., in Seoul, South Korea.

26th. November. 2012 ~ 2nd. December. 2012

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