Being competitive means being competitive, anytime, any where, even getting to the breakfast table becomes a race.

When it comes to food, it seems kids just want to have fun, We are, after all, talking about the "Happy Meal" generation, but is it possible to use the "fun factor" to inspire kids to eat healthy foods?

This was the concept behind Sweetoon, a food brand specialized in children healthy products, and ArtWare Corp had to create and produce a series of TVCs as part of a comprehensive campaign to introduce the brand to the audience, what made it hard is the fact that the audience is actually both the kid, and parent.

We tried to use the storyline to appeal to children, so it is always fun, active, playful and cute, and at the same time use the production quality, filmic style, fine and clean settings to appeal to the parents, and convey to them how Sweetoon seriously care about the meal.

it is about real fun for the kids, real food for the parents.

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