My A-Level media production. It is intended to be a film trailer for a fictitious film (you know what school projects are like).

I made it by hand-drawing most of the frames and animating it using a mixture of Adobe Photoshop and Apple’s keynote. Read into it what you like—it was intended to be rather ambiguous (mostly because my idea of the story-line was rather loose). I'm sorry about the inaccuracies—my research obligation didn't extend as far as taking illegal drugs.

Credit and apologies to for letting me use his music, which I had to edit in order to fit into the 3 minute time limit.

I've put this here to show you my work and give any prospective media (WJEC) students an idea of the amount of work involved. It has already been submitted and marked—the exam boards probably still have a copy so please, don't steal it and try to pass it off as your own.

I hope you enjoy it—please leave your comments .

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