It has been a while since I wanted to work on a project such as this and thanks to Indrek Uibo it has been realized. Since the snow was still on the ground and still falling at times not to mention the freezing temperatures. Thus we were confined to film at a skatepark. Skateparks are a boring place to film and there are so many videos out there that have this, therefore the idea was to film something different and in the darkness with lights on, which were targeted on the obstacles.

Indrek did an amazing job at getting the lights, getting the skatepark for the whole night for us to get it done and of course for the rad riding. It was an absolute pleasure working, filming with Indrek. Super friendly, up to the point, simple, like-minded, into healthy eating and staying fit. We filmed a few maneuvers numerous of times in order to get the filming/ timing perfect and Indrek was more than happy to do it again in order to get the shot right. And one more thing, he rides like a BEAST!!

It was the best film session that I have done this year so far without a doubt. The atmosphere, the people, the action, the timing... it all just clicked perfect!

Special thanks to:

- Indrek Uibo
- Sportland for the support
- Tartu Sisekas
- Kevin Siivelt, Jürgen Joa and Ekke Eller for helping with setting up the lights and just being a good company for the night.

We honestly hope that you will enjoy this video!

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