This video is a collab project with Studio Nepco / Artificial Happiness (costumes, props, performance).
Surreal shortfilm about a meeting in the woods. A pond as a mirror. A fish in a tree.
Shown as a video installation at and created for art festival Droomreis (3/2013 NL).
Cast: Pinky Keijser + Anna Anna Loog (Studio Nepco / Artificial Happiness)

About the music:
Jared C. Balogh is an experimental and avant-garde composer and musician from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania U.S.A.. He creates music in the genres of Jazz, Modern Classical, Noise, Ambient, Field Recording, Electronic, Drone, Spoken Word, Rock, Metal, Blues, Glitch to name a few. He also has music available for video, film and performing arts creators via the Free Music Archives through his 3 main audio projects: Jared C. Balogh, Trans Atlantic Rage and Trans Atlantic Rage/Balogh.

The video has been selected for:
-Video Art Festival Miden, Greece (Kalamate and Athens), 4-6 july 2013
-ACTIVA 2014 in Oviedo, Spain
-Shortcutz Amsterdam 2013
-Defending Freedom (Fort Abcoude NL international exhibit 2013)
-Plantage Etalage Amsterdam 2014
-Regensburger Shortfilm Woche 2014(Germany) 14e rencontre du Cinema Europeen, Vannes, FR

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