This labyrinth was built in San Rafael, in the wine capitol province of Argentina, Mendoza in 2003 to honor the great author Jorge Luis Borges, it was designed by his friend Randoll Coate who had a revealing dream a couple of years before Borges died.

The construction of the Labyrinth was coordinated by three friends, Camilo Aldao, Gabriel Mortarotti and Andres Ridois. Camilo had tried to build it in Buenos Aires but was unsuccessful, then came Gabriel and Andres and got investors and the necessary energy to make it come to reality. Camilo Aldao passed away before the construction was completed, becoming the guardian of the Labyrinth, his friends continued to work, fueled by his memory.

The labyrinth has many symbols within, symbols that where representative of Borges, the design is of a book, open to the universe, and within you will find a sand clock, a cane, Maria Kodama's initials (wife of Borges), a hidden mirror and many more. If you read Borges, you will find them all.

This 5 minute video was put together after reviewing 24hs of footage that Gabriel and Andres had of the construction and also of their trip to England to visit Mr Randoll Coate to interview him. The audio from these interviews was what I used to script the video, letting Randoll tell us about his vision.

In 2004 this mini documentary was aired in Prague, in the Borges-Kafka exposition.

It was a pleasure for me to work on a project of this spiritual magnitude, and with such magical human beings like Gabriel and Andres, who guided the production of this video from start to finish.

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