(If You're In) Count Me Out was first released in conjunction with the 2012 Apocalypse tour in China. The process behind the song is somewhat unusual in terms of regular Black Snakes method. At the last minute, while Black Snakes were in Parachute Studio, a large portion of the text was rejected and a new one added. Roar Nilsen, from the Parachute Studio, criticized the structure and made the band aware of the potential that lay in improving the track. Thanks to Mr. Nilsen for bringing this to light. The song is about drugs and prostitution.

Recorded and produced by Roar Nilsen, Parachute Studio
Mixed by Øyvind R. Gundersen (Rumble In Rhodos / Do You Love Melena?)
Mastered by Christian Obermayer, Strype Audio

Disclaimer: This video is an art display and use other manufactured materials combined with the band's own movie clips and purchased material. The film is considered as a separate work of art in form and expression. If the licensees see their work be done to harm, we ask you kindly to contact us for a peaceful solution. On this basis the video is not considered as an official Black Snakes video. We hope this video appeals to you and the affected parties.


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