It was Tori's birthday weekend and she had planned a party for that night in Downtown LA. Before the party, Andy decided to take her somewhere she's always wanted to go, but had yet to visit - the now famous park (and bench) from 500 Days of Summer. But that wasn't the only surprise...Flashback to Christmas 2012...Tori had made a little photo book for Andy, called "Our Story So Far", and put pictures of the two of them throughout. It was cute and Andy loved it. Now, back to the present! Andy created a photo book of his own on Blurb and in true Andy fashion, called it "Our Story So Far...Part Deux". But there was something different about this book. Let's watch and find out what happens.....although you already know.

Filmed and Edited by Prescott Van Leer
Audio recorded on an iPhone 5, Filmed with a Canon T4i (handheld)
Original Music Composed and Recorded by TJ Hill (

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