In my teen years, I had an Argus/Cosina Model 704 Super8 movie camera with single-frame advance capability. I used that camera a lot to create animated films and some live-action bits with my friends. Lucky for me, my pals all tolerated me as a "director" and indulged me in the tedious process of filming them around the neighborhood.

"Road Rally" is the live-action culmination of my teen-age film career. I have tightened up a few of the edits, but have left the majority of it "as-is" from the original "director's cut". This film had a loose "plot" and was intended to be entered in a student film contest in 1975. I had a soundtrack in mind and included a reel-to-reel tape of music along with the film in the submission to the judges. About the only comment I can remember from the judges is that I should have used a tripod for more of the shots.

I have added new music to the film:

"Dumb Instrumental" by Mike Kotulka at

"Matt's Blues" by Kevin MacLeod at

"Flying While Weeping" by Dan-O at

"The Stars and Stripes Forever" performed by Sodero's Band

The film was transferred by Digital Archives, Lexington, KY.

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