This is part two of two mini documentaries for the non-profit organization Lighthouse Ministries. Hear the story of Bano from the chief, what small amount you can do to help him fulfill his aspirations for his village and the objective of Lighthouse Ministries building an orphanage in Cameroon, Africa.

You can find more information about getting involved at,

The people of Bano, Cameroon
Valerie Hatton
Fred Hatton
Chief Albert

Director/Director of Photography/Editor: Lizi Richards Fesler
Assistant Camera: David Fesler
Assistant Camera: Nathan Roach
Assistant Camera: JiHye Park

Special thanks to: Bano, Fotouni, Bafoussam, Yaounde, Mirelle Ngoupa, Guy Ruffin Tekam, Mary, Ron Fesler, Brooking Marathon, BSA and the many sponsors who helped bring us to this point. You are very appreciated.

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