Kenya’s 2013 elections are a test of its democracy as the last vote brought the country to the brink of civil war. After a peaceful poll on March 3, the battle has moved to the Supreme Court as defeated presidential contender Raila Odinga alleges rigging. How have the dreams and fears of ordinary Kenyans fared in the face of the realities of tribalism and bribery?

This film is part of a series of interviews with ordinary Kenyans carried out during the election period by the Thomson Reuters Foundation. All views represented here are of the individuals concerned.

Katy Migiro, Thomson Reuters Correspondent

2' TALKING POINT is a new format produced by the Thomson Reuters Foundation. It presents a pressing issue or a news item developed with a personal touch by our AlertNet and TrustLaw correspondents, in two minutes or less.

Filming: Pete Murimi
Editing: Shanshan Chen
Design: Ye Li

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