Feminist documentary mixing archival footage of women’s labour over the past century with 10 portraits of Romanian women working in different countries today. The video challenges the dominant discourse about precarity and its disregard of gender inequalities and economic disparities that divide the first and third worlds of Europe.
“I started working in 1981 in the city’s greenhouses. There were 100 people when I started; in 2002 there were only 7. After the revolution many private companies took our projects. I went home scared every day because I’d hear more people were loosing their job … I went to Spain in 2003, to pick strawberries. It was very hard. Every day in the same bent position. After 4 hours you can’t bear the pain … But you make an effort for your family. I couldn’t earn that money here. In 3 years I couldn’t make what I made there in 3 months." (Viorica, gardner)

"As a noun, precarity does not exist. It is an adjective, modifying subjects, changing through circumstance. To understand what it means to be precarious, we must invert the theory, starting from our lives. To walk the streets that bring us together, and the routes that sometimes divide us. And while walking, to ask questions." (voiceover)

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