There's an unshakeable charm to Stone Cold Fox that's infectious. Having really enjoyed the hilarious, heart-warming, breakup-shakeup music video for their song, "Seventeen," it's almost impossible to find another band that's as great at music as being friends. Four out of the five members of the band had all gone to college together at Purchase and while setting up all my recording stuff for the shoot, I was subjected to banter after banter, inside joke after inside joke within their little recording studio. They're a fun bunch. Almost like that rag-tag group of friends in one of those 90s underdog movies where every single member's very specific personality propels them to memory. As far as their pop-rock sound goes, the combination of mostly upbeat rhythms, jarring keyboards, lots of tambourine, and Kevin's very Radiohead-ish voice makes them a prime band to listen to when all of your misadventures with close friends require a soundtrack. In a good way.

Music by:
Stone Cold Fox

Images, Sound, Edit by:
Kevin de Wilde

Filmed in
Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York

Spring 2013

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