Dr. Tae in Korea

This edit will singlehandedly make skateboarding popular in Korea and SNSD popular in America.

I recently visited South Korea, and I learned that skateboarding isn't popular there. Maybe I can change that by associating skateboarding with something that Koreans love: K-Pop (Korean pop music).

Almost all of this footage is recycled from old edits, but there are a few "never before seen" clips peppered throughout this video. But it's just me skating, so it's just a ton of manuals and flip tricks.

소녀시대: "소원을 말해봐"
Girls' Generation aka SNSD: "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)"

Thanks to all the cameramen:
Dr. Eric Herbold
Austin Henke
Nik Mitseff
Chris Galladora
Andrew Spevack
Chris Guyton
Stan Nalewski
Andrew Lo
Mikey Besch
Clifford Sugisawa
Gordon McCall
Matt Gridley
Donny Parker
David Ouellette

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