Camera : Canon 600d
Picture Profile : Technicolor Cinestyle
LUT : Filmconvert Kodak Vision
Grain : Super 16mm
Lens : Super Takumar 50mm 1.4
Filter : Tiffen Soft Fx 3
ISO : 65

The purpose of this test was to see if magic lantern's new nightly builds "absolute zero sharpness" feature will disable sharpening artifacts. With this feature enabled (with the addition of diffusion filters) aliasing is totally erased from the image. I have enabled focus peaking to help me know whats in focus when working with shallow depth of field. After sharpening the image in post after noise reduction an incredible amount of detail is recovered on texture surfaces without introducing aliasing and moire into the image. The film grain from filmconvert or any other grain overlay adds texture to the image which helps fake an increase in detail. Im very satisfied with this new workflow. My canon 600d now simulates a super 35mm camera and gives off a very film like look !

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