video, 2:47 min

Starting point for my video work titled 24/7 Shiva was to describe the complex process of painting. Eventually the video was assembled to an independent art work. It became an alternative way to present the artist and also a comment for a narrow minded and conservative artist stereotypes. It also discusses themes that I have dealt in my art work. The video consist of performative and narrative scenes which are composed together by the shown act of painting and the sound it produces. The video is peeping to a genderless world where role-changing characters are playing their parts as artists inspiration and as her canvas. On a structural level video is close to a fast paced narrative of a music video and also close to my impulsive way to work.

Idea and Script: Jenni Hiltunen
Direct, Edit, DOP: Miikka Lommi
Styling: Jan Koskinen
Make-up & Hair: Piia Hiltunen
Performers: Nora, Paavo, Jenni, Ossi, Josephine
Music: Ladies!Disaster (ger), Wannabestar (NL), Comanechi (UK) and Viola Vagina (Ger)

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