Stillborn Language is the second part of the 'ONLY NOTHING' project:
The inconsistency of the individual to the alienation of the conventional system.
A hybrid work of sound-videoPerformance created by the performer and video artist jaime Rguez & the music composer Leo Weinberger.

‘Stillborn Language’ Draft for an anti-textbook list. This is the irrational language for a chaotic scene in an Imaginary unanimous. The use of the word is condescending and the many meanings are translated into a multitude of messages liquids. “Stillborn language" is actually in a fantasy language and every body is presented as different supports for the automatic writing of the phonetic sound. [Anti-textbook by jaime Rguez]

‘Stillborn Language ‘composed and performed by Leo Weinberger
Performer and visuals edited by jaime Rguez | 2013

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