3rd Annual Roger Smith Scottish Poetry Dinner
Guest of Honor: Gerry Cambridge

February 26th 2013

With thanks to
Brian Johnstone and StanZa Poetry Festival
John Birdsong for an exquisite Boo Saam
And all of our guests for providing an excellent selection of poetry and equally delightful company


Roger Smith Poetry dinner number three
And a pack of wild poets in the midst I do see.

They have come armed with prose verse and rhyme
They'll feast on Bo Ssam
And drink a shed load of wine.

Now the question is
Who leads these wordsmiths astray
A Scotsman who's name if you want, i will say

Gerry Cambridge, flung from Scotland to New York
To recite poetry and eat a great hunk of pork

Confirmed its a sure way to make many a  new friend
Then there's only one way to see this festivity end

We'll tie up the evening with a bottle of scotch
And wake up tomorrow feeling less than top notch

- D. Druttman
February 26th 2013

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