Six students from the Pittsburgh area met at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh to discuss air quality.

Discussion Item #1: What does clean air mean to you?
Stephanie: Clean air means the world to me. Pittsburgh is highly affected by air pollution, which harms my friends, my family and myself. My dad has asthma and my friend had childhood leukemia which are both directly linked to the air quality around our homes.
Yasha: Less health problems, better quality of life, and a more beautiful city. Plus, the sky would be a lot less gray.
Elizabeth: Clean air is better breathing and healthier living. Better breathing today, for a healthier life tomorrow. With clean air the city will continue to prosper. We will be presented with greater opportunities. I hope to establish a prosperous medical career within the city. If there is no clean air, then there is no city, and I will have to find a different place to be a doctor.

Discussion Item # 2: What can students do to improve our region's air quality?
Lex: Students can walk, take a bus, carpool or bike. They can also spread awareness to people of all ages and give others information on how they can help contribute to the betterment of our air quality. For example, one person could plant a tree, buy local fruits & vegetables and even buy clean energy.

For more information about how you can create change and improve air quality in our region, check out the IDEAS section.

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