Something that I wrote as a Short Story a log time a go and had the opportunity to make in to a shortcut while I was attending Vancouver Film School.

The tell is inspired by a Pink Floyd song: "High Hopes", I could not use the song because I did not get a release from the record company. So a long time friend made up a melody and played on my guitar while the final cut was playing, it worked out pretty well.

I could not find an actor that I felt was given in to the character that was Thomas, so I took the liberty of putting my self in front of the camera for it, for most part it worked out just ok, but I am not proud of that in particular.

I got tons of help from peers at school and form friends out of it, so it was a truly team effort that for me turned out pretty well; Because I could realize the vision I had with the story on a big screen.

Enjoy and do criticizes it.


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