A test of the Canon C300 camera shot at Bur Dubai Creek, where several dhow cruise operators get ready for tourists in the evening. I also shot an interview to go along, but it didn't really come out as i expected, so i put together a montage of the B-roll. I intentionally shot difficult scenes, like shooting indoor without washing out the exteriors. This is the camera for that! Excellent for run-and-gun stuff, but easily adaptable to producing corporate work, and even TVC's. Our other camera is the Sony FS-700 and while i will miss 240 frames per second capability, i can live with 50i/25p in720p mode. I think.

Had a team of 12 students from my Video Production Class at Szabist University along with me for the shoot. I hope they learnt something along the way. A big thanks to those of you carried gear :)

Shot using
Canon 24-70 2.8 L Series Lens
Canon 100 - 400mm f4 L Series Lens

Shot in Cinema mode (C-Log) and graded in Premiere Pro CS6 with the Luma Corrector and the RGB Color Corrector to give that golden look.

Overall the camera handles really well, but i've got to get used to the buttons i've assigned on the left. This will come with more usage ;)
I love the wave form monitor and vectorsope function! It takes a little getting used to, but once you do, its the perfect way of exposing in C-Log.
Personally, only when grading the image did I see the enormous benefit of shooting in C Log. You really see how far you can push those midtones without the image cracking up on you.
In retrospect, i should have used a tripod, because the handling is not as steady as would be with the Canon 7D with the Zacuto Z Finder. Or i need to develop steadier hands :)

Next will probably be a short doc shot in Jhelum Pakistan for Noor Dubai using this camera and (hopefully) a set of Zeiss CP2 ultra fast primes.


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