iji "To Figure Out The Party"

music video by erin tanner and jamie burkart
starring zach burba
stunt driver: ryan converse

thank you Jordan's Furniture

laser pilgrims

==== Soft Approach by iji ====
Recorded over two weeks in October of 2012 at The Crystal Palace in Santa Cruz, California and released 01 March 2013.

Zach Burba (songs, instruments, drawings), Drew Stoeckel (mixing, mastering, engineering, singing, and bass on Western Light), Max Bennet-Parker (piano, organ and synthesizers), Conor Martin (Drums), Nessie Sanzerbeard (operatic vocals, synthesizer on Western Light, Spanish translations), David Jaberi and Michelle Shofet (singing), Dorota Szuta (violin and singing), Alexi Erenkov (flute), Tim Rottenberg (trombone), Tyler Martin (big ideas, singing, co-wrote and played piano on La Enfoque Suave), Spencer Owen (singing on La Enfoque Suave), Jamie Burkart (photos)

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