Pulse of Desire
a motion-picture by Flash Rosenberg
original soundtrack by Ken Rosenberg
starring Carolyn DiGiacomo

Pulse of Desire is a surrealistic venture into the mind of a woman falling in love. Fear mingles with euphoria as she struggles to balance her emerging sense of self with yearnings for her lover. A special photo-animation technique was used to evoke a dream sense of “remembered time.” Over seven thousand 35mm slides were synthesized as a six-projector multi-image show, which was optically transferred to both video and film, to create this quintessential “motion picture” in 1986. This process enabled Rosenberg to produce elaborate effects (way before computer graphics) on a very low budget for her first film.

Pulse of Desire premiered (with a 4-star review from Carrie Rickey in The Philadelphia Inquirer) as the opening short for Samuel Goldwyn’s re-release of Henri Clouzots’ The Mystery of Picasso. It was shown internationally and translated into French and Dutch for broadcast in Europe. It gathered numerous awards including "Best Surreal Film" Humbolt Film Festival, "Gold Award for Best Experimental Film" Philafilm Festival, "Festival Award" Three Rivers Arts Festival and Honorable Mentions from festivals in Montreal, Sweden, Chicago, Baltimore, Oswego, Rochester, Nashville, Denver, and Jacksonville. One of Pulse of Desire’s most cherished distinctions, was being named the “1987 Most Movie for the Money” by the Movies on a Showstring Festival. And being considered as one of the 10 semi-finalists for an Oscar, even though only the top 5 are invited to wear pretty gowns to the ceremony.

© Flash Rosenberg 1986

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