Timelapse motion scenes of Atacama Desert in Chile, high altitude landscape of Altiplano and the spectacular Licancabur volcano, and ALMA radio telescopes in action. From altitude of over 5,000 meters, the night sky view from Chajnantor Plateau in the Chilean Andes is breathtaking. The dark site's rarefied atmosphere, at about 50 percent sea level pressure, is also extremely dry. That makes it ideal for the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA). With total of 66 giant radio dishes, each 12 or 7 meters in diameter, ALMA will revolutionize exploration of the universe in radio wavelength. ALMA is known as the world's largest ground-based astronomy project now involving many countries. The footage is available to license in high quality full HD1080p (2k or 4k). Babak Tafreshi (btafreshi@twanight.org).

Still panoramic photography of this amazing altiplano landscape and stunning night sky over ALMA:
1- dreamview.net/dv/new/photos.asp?ID=102598 (ALMA Star Trails)
2- dreamview.net/dv/new/photos.asp?id=102589 (Carina Nebula over ALMA)
3- dreamview.net/dv/new/photos.asp?id=102569 (day-time Altiplano landscape)
4- dreamview.net/dv/new/photos.asp?id=102534 (ice penitents on Andes)
5- dreamview.net/dv/new/photos.asp?id=102308 (ice penitents on Andes)
6- dreamview.net/dv/new/photos.asp?id=102309
7- dreamview.net/dv/new/photos.asp?id=102303
8- dreamview.net/dv/new/photos.asp?id=102372
9- dreamview.net/dv/new/photos.asp?id=102422
10- dreamview.net/dv/new/photos.asp?id=102559

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