I remember having many questions about the Merlin before actually making a purchase. I came to Vimeo and other video sharing websites to get a better idea of what it is and how it works. Now that I've purchased one, I get a couple of questions about it from time to time.

Some people think a Stabilizer is a Stabilizer, but here's where the Merlin has the advantage. Time is money, especially if you're shooting an event. The Merlin has the best dismount and remount of any of the stabilizers i've tried. With the quick release plate & Tripod adapter plate, you can quickly dismount your camera from the Merlin, lock it into a tripod or maybe a shoulder rig, and go back and forth.

The Merlin can also balance much heavier cameras. If you're working with a 5D Mark II, you're not going to have much luck with a Hague MMC as you would with a Steadicam Merlin. The gimbal on the Merlin is probably the best design and high quality. Other stabilizers mimic the design but can't move as freely, have as much travel, and carry as much weight.

Combined with the Merlin Arm and Vest kit the Merlin is a great camera Stabilizer to do all day shoots. Cheaper stabilizers don't have the option for a vest, and if they do, the Vest isn't as good as the Steadicam.

Hopefully this video shows a bit more of the Merlin itself, rather than a video of what it can do (plenty of those).

Note: Sorry I didn't show the Canon 5D Mark II being setup on the Merlin, but I was using the 5D to record the footage. Instead I used an ancient JVC MiniDV.

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