Presented by : Shakeeb AK
Short Film " Mai Zinda Ho "
Duration : 11:15 min.

This short film project titled as " MAI ZINDA HUN " is based upon the Suicide Bombing issue.
Film is basically based upon the issues of suicide bombing. Suicide Bombers! who are they?
Where are they coming from ? What circumstances are creating them? Are they one of us ?
This is not the matter of only one country, whole world is surrounded by these suicide attempts.
Pakistan is one of the major targeted country nowadays in suicide bombing arena.
Nobody knows the real truth behind all these attempts, or it is the frustrated world of young generation.
Social issues crossing-over their life limits.
Dreams of better future ruined by the dirty government strategies.
Story is traveling around a character whose friend has already died in a suicide bombing attempt.
That person is having a serious depression after reminding all old days his friend spend in a bad condition and then he himself putting his own thoughts into serious psycho feeling and becomes a suicide bomber and then suddenly he realizes that he is not one of them.

Moral of the story is very simple that we should not be rebellious for our own nation.

School Name : Karachi School of Art
Presented by : Shakeeb AK
Directed by : M. Bilal Latif & Shakeeb AK
Written & concept by : M. Bilal Latif

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