Performance inspired by both artistic and literary work of Bruno Schulz. An allegory to cataclysm, false mythology, nudity, fetish and death. And in the end, right in the middle of the disaster, a pair of hesitant angel eyes. Dramatic and dance action is in interaction with Jan Kučera's music, composed for Epoque Quartet, a recognized string ansemble. The 13th Month, sub-titled Requiem for Bruno Schulz, is a string quartet concert and dramatic performance in one piece.

Spitfire Company: / Co-production: / Czech TV:

Cast: Miřenka Čechová, Markéta Vacovská, Jindřiška Křivánková, Cécile Da Costa, Patrika Poráková, Bartłomiej Ostapczuk, Paweł Kulesza / Live music: Epoque Quartet (Vít Petrášek, David Pokorný, Vladimír Klánský, Vladimír Kroupa) / Direction, dramaturgy: Petr Boháč / Music composer: Jan Kučera / Lighting designer: Andrzej Król, Martin Špetlík / Scenography: Petra Vlachynská, Barbara Wojtkowiak / Costume designer: Michaela Hořejší / Production: Aneta Kafková

Lenka Dombrovská, Divadelní noviny/Theatre Times
The latest project is well done – emotional, cruel, and even cynically funny. […] Bonus points for the concert (not just musical accompaniment!) by the string quartet I have not written about until now, but which is crucial to the overall impression of the adaptation. Without it, the melancholy and the uncanny fervour of the performance would not have been as strongly felt.

Nina Vangeli, Divadení noviny/Theatre Times
Spitfire Company´s dance theatre piece would be a vindication for Antonin Artaud; he wasn´t
cooped up in an asylum in vain.

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