Go. I don’t need you anyway. You were only holding me back. You, with your rigid ways and impenetrable exterior; I’m not like you. I need movement, fluidity. Freedom. Expression. Feelings. I need to be alive. This emotionless, glass-eyed view of the world—that’s your vision. And you held me to it, like some sort of prisoner. Yes, that’s what you are. You’re shackles. Iron bars disguised as safety. You thought I would stay with you forever, in the limbo of that grounded shrinking quadrant, drip-fed. Your pet. Your lab rat. For a while there I totally lost myself, sinking further and further under your sedation. Life became colourless. And then there was nothing. But in the curlicues of deep encompassing darkness, that’s when I realised: I wasn’t the weak one. It was you all along. You needed me. I was the prop that stopped you from falling down. Well, no more. This ends now. It’s time we became unbound. I release you. Go. Be free.

Stanislav Tolkachev - Depth of light
(Only Vinyl)

Directed By Sergio Andretti

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