Short how-to video on how to set the WB (white balance) manually on the Leica M Type 240 digital rangefinder camera so you have the correct color temperature and colors (also known as Kelvin).

With manual white balancing you shoot the i pictures "right in camera" and you are done - instead of fiddling with the files in Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture to find the right colors.

In the video is used a WhiBal card which is a 12% grey card that is neutral in colors (the point is not that it's grey but that it's white; and it's not the same you use for light metering, which is a 18% grey card).

You can also use a piece of white paper, grey concrete, a white wall ... anything close to neutral colors so the camera can "read" the light temperature and adjust it to daylight white white balance.

Video # 1357. Recorder March 31, 2013 with Leica D-Lux 6 in Aarhus, Denmark.

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