"Mashyeen" -- roughly translated as "walking along"
Film made as an independent project.
Shot on the streets of Cairo, in Egypt, this short film reflects on how distant individuals in power can become from the average human beings. Taking as a case study the talking heads of Egyptian presidents of the past, near present and perhaps the future. Setting an example of speaking of the people and never to the people.

Despite all, the feet will keep rushing by, going on with their lives and living, always "mashyeen".

Created, shot and edited by: Hala Hisham Makhlouf
Music: El Ras and Munma

فيلم تم اعداده كمشروع تجريبي.
فيلم قصير يتحدث عن بُعد الافراد ذوي السلطة عن المواطن العادي. بإتخاذ حكام مصر السابقيين و الحاليين كحالة تعبر عن هذا. يتحدثون دائماً .بإسم الشعب و ليس لصالح الشعب. و تبقى الاقدام تتحرك و تعيش،

على طول هنفضل ماشيين.

فيلم من تصوير و اعداد: هاله هشام مخلوف
موسيقى: الرأس و المونما

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