I’ve had FilmConvert for a few months and finally found the time to do a proper comparison video. Here are rushes from a recent job shot on 5dmiii / zeiss cp.2 glass / cinestyle profile (DP: Dustin Tolman). I used the standalone app (awesome) which I find faster and more stable than the FCPX plugin. I didn’t grade to taste…I just selected a stock and balanced the contrast. The included stocks are my go to emulations.

FilmConvert does a great job at taking the edge off of sterile dslr footage. It’s as subtle or as noticeable as you want to push it, but when done right, it's incredibly filmic and pure nostalgia. I use it as a grading system in my workflow, which most of the time is for subtle touches but every once in a while it’s fun to crank up the grain and drop down to super 8 when the content calls for it.

Music "Master of None" by Tape Recorder (twitter.com/_taperecorder)- License this with With Etiquette - withetiquette.com/#tape-recorder

Final "What Box" Spot: vimeo.com/61342539

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