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We Are Driven is a documentary film about the aftermarket car culture and lifestyle; releasing June 9th.

Waking up early in the morning. The anticipation in your bones as you walk out to your car for today's show. Hanging out late in the night shooting the breeze with your best friends leaning against your cars. The smell of wax in the air as you get ready for the judges to come by. Rolling deep down the interstate breaking everyone's neck. Saving up for that one part. The feeling of finally getting it in the mail. The frustration when you can't figure out why your car won't start.

It's the little things that happen at shows, meets, get together's that make the culture of the automotive aftermarket something truly unique. It's a culture that brings everyone together regardless of age, ethnicity, sex, economic status, or any difference that may exist. Whether you modify your car for looks, speed, to drift or drag, like it slammed to the floor with tight fitment, equipped with a rare kit or prefer an OEM+ look, JDM, Euro,
VIP, Domestic, Exotic... - if you love what you do, we are all equal.

This is all portrayed in the documentary film We Are Driven. Over the past 2 years, we have been out at countless shows, meets, get together's. Traveled the country from the Northeast to the South, all the way out West to Long Beach, California. Interviewed with some of the best known and most influential names in the game, whether it be a performance shop, culture blog, enthusiast, photographer/ videographer, event curator, we have reached out and touched all ends of the car lifestyle to truly understand what it is about the scene that makes it so unique, and make all enthusiasts so passionate about what they do.

In a world where the general public's view toward all enthusiasts are skewed, thanks to the popular media and a certain movie series that won't be mentioned, thinking we are up to no good, racing our cars and causing trouble. We seek to be a voice to reach the mainstream to change their opinion.

We Are Driven is more than a documentary film. It's a representation of the lifestyle, to truly showcase what we love to do, and what we are so passionate about. What drives us. It's more than just a car. It's art.

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