Tell Me What To Do is a documentary about a musician who struggle to make music hoping the others would hear.

This is my very first biography documentary film, I really enjoy it. As it helps me to learn more about the lives of the others and how it has influenced and impact them.
I hope I will be able to make more documentary that are inspring.

Vinnie, Ryan and I rented a van and drove all the way from San Francisco to Berkley to do the interview. It a very adventurous day as this is the first time for Vinnie to drive in the States. She has no prior experience in driving here and as a Malaysian driver for 3 years, sitting in front of the passenger seat made me wary. It took us an hour to get to Berkley safely and we spent about 2 hours to film the interview and the performance.

It was really fun spending time with Vinnie and Ryan and Vaughn. We dropped by Ikea on our way home and the meatballs was delicious. Yummy.

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